Bootcamp – Cycle 2

From a great strategy to a great product.

Strengthen teamwork in product flow with visual solutions. Enhance key performances for standout quality. Build agility and skills in teams.

Bootcamp – Cycle 2

Do you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios?

  • You are an entrepreneur with a great business concept but haven’t quite found a market fit
  • You have a product that generates traction but you don’t know how to scale up
  • Your product has found its market but your organization has grown to a point where updating it has become slow and painful

If so, this training program will provide you with some good insights and practices to address the issues and doubts you may be having about your product (or service) and how to scale it. We talk about maintaining this connection even as your company scales up and your product evolves. We see how to develop teamwork in the product development process and increase product profitability to scale more durably.

We have been studying, using and teaching that model for years, and have adapted it to digital product and tech-enabled services with success. This training camp consists of 2 stand-alone but complementary courses.

Cycle 2 of the bootcamp builds on the concepts of cycle 1 and focuses on the teamwork to make your concept a reality.

Over 7 weeks of self-study and group sessions, you will learn to:

🤝 Enhance team collaboration: Deepen your ability to collaborate effectively by learning to visualize and solve complex problems alongside your team throughout the product development flow.
📊 Boost product performance: Elevate your product’s critical performances, ensuring it stands out in the market without compromising on quality.
🧠 Foster team flexibility and agility: Develop a more adaptable and skillful team by embracing standardization and skill-building strategies, enhancing your team’s overall agility.

Image of an obeya

Topics covered

  • The product obeya
  • Kanban and pull scheduling
  • House of Quality (QFD)
  • Design / engineering standards
  • Go-to-market plan
  • Knowledge books and skill development
  • Problem solving using PDCA

Course length: 7 weeks
Method: weekly online classes
Price: 1,900€ excl. VAT
Payment Options: possiblity to pay in 4 installments.
Available in: English, French
Add-ons: dive even deeper with 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours of dedicated coaching. Prices upon request.

Be in good company

The purpose of the program is to get off to a good start in lean product design and development, within a group that is also focusing on lean at the same time you are. Each person will practice in their own field. They’ll see how others are using the concepts in their environment, and share feedback from their own experiments with the group every week.

The quality of the group is a key element to favor exchange and progress fast. We carefully assemble people who will bring energy to the group so that everyone can learn faster together.

At the end of the course, you will join our Taktique alumni community so you can continue exchanging and learning together, in the field and in-person.

To encourage great debates, we keep classes small.
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📅 The next French and international promotions start in Q1 2024.

For learners based in France, this course is certified by Qualiopi: up to 60% of the course can be financed.

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