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Lean tactics to build memorable products

Learn to build fantastic products and organizations with lean pioneers in bite-sized courses. Tailor your own journey, remote or in person. Join a thriving global community.


“Very insightful and also very actionable, with great tools and frameworks that I reuse every day since. Amazing to learn and practice with peers too!”

Photo of Nicolas Taboriski
Nicolas Taboriski
CEO @ Theodo, Inc., NYC

“I've been grateful to have a chance to study the cycle 1 of the Bootcamp with Sandrine Olivencia. I'd highly recommend this thoughtful yet deceptively simple approach to designing and evolving products.”

Photo of Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis
CPO @ AutoRABIT, San Diego

“This learning program allowed my teams to better make the direct link between design and impact on the business”

Photo of Noémie Parker
Noémie Parker
CEO @ Hokla, Paris
Taktique crew

Changing the game begins with changing your mindset.

Applying a lean approach to product development means learning to really understand your customers, make the best technical decisions, and work more effectively with all contributors. How do you do that? That's where we come in.

Our program

A program for everyone. Don't know where to start?
We'll help you choose based on your situation.

Build To Sell Training

Build To Sell Training

Validate your product strategy.

Understand customer value to come up with a great concept, and confirm customers’ preferences by regularly releasing new products to the market.

Build To Sell Sprint

Build To Sell Sprint

1 week to set your product on track.

Spend 5 days with one of our coaches to redefine your product concept.

Radical quality course

Radical quality course

An 8-week course to obtain radical gains on bugs and delivery speed.

Learn to really measure quality in software development and delivery, going beyond DORA metrics.

Bootcamp – Cycle 2

Bootcamp – Cycle 2

From a great strategy to a great product.

Strengthen teamwork in product flow with visual solutions. Enhance key performances for standout quality. Build agility and skills in teams.

Your lean learning path starts here.

Over the decades of helping companies to scale, we've learned that creating great products begins with creating a great company culture: where employees are empowered to own decisions, never-ending roadmaps don't dictate strategy, and management teams are aligned on priorities.

Whether you're looking to:

  • find product-market fit
  • learn to scale from people with experience
  • understand more about lean thinking
  • introduce lean to your organization

We're here to get you on the right track. We'll look at your challenges and goals, and create a personalised learning path to growth.

Ready to level up your tactics?

Taktique crew

Meet the trainers

We’re a team of lean product experts who have been there, done that, and want to help you find your own journey.

  • Photo of Sandrine Olivencia

    Sandrine Olivencia

    Sandrine is a lean strategy expert and cofounder at Taktique. She's the main author of Build to Sell and co-author of The Lean Sensei. With a strong focus on sustainable business growth and a deep background in lean management, she empowers CEOs and teams worldwide.

  • Photo of Flavian Hautbois

    Flavian Hautbois

    Flavian is co-founder and CEO of Taktique and co-author of Build to Sell. He has extensive experience in technical and product leadership. He has led significant projects and teams in technology across various industries, focusing on lean principles and digital transformation.

  • Photo of Caroline Besnard

    Caroline Besnard

    Caroline is Taktique's experienced Chief Product Officer and co-author of Build to Sell, is passionate about digital innovation and lean UX. She has skillfully blended her expertise in product and UX design to create user-centered digital solutions for over a decade.

  • Photo of Claire Van de Voorde

    Claire Van de Voorde

    Claire Van de Voorde is a highly skilled CPO and Product Coach with expertise in product strategy, team leadership, and lean product. She previously served as the CPO at Supermood and has extensive experience in the tech and B2B SaaS industries.

  • Photo of Giulia Sciota

    Giulia Sciota

    Giulia, based in London, is a creative copywriter and marketing manager expert. She excels in transforming complex ideas into compelling copy across various sectors, with a strong focus on marketing strategies and brand storytelling.

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