Build To Sell Sprint

1 week to set your product on track.

Spend 5 days with one of our coaches to redefine your product concept.

Build To Sell Sprint

Do you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios?

  • You are an entrepreneur with a great business concept but haven’t quite found a market fit
  • You have a product that generates traction but you don’t know how to scale up
  • Your product has found its market but your organization has grown to a point where updating it has become slow and painful

… and you need results. Fast. Then this hands-on workshop is for you.

We have been studying, using and teaching that model for years, and have adapted it to digital product and tech-enabled services with success. This sprint is aimed at leaders and executives of start-ups, companies, product teams and tech teams. It consists of 5 days of intense in-person work with one of our coaches, wherever you are in the world. We follow up with you for 8 weeks (in-person or remotely) to help you stay focused.

Over 5 days, you will learn to:

🌟 Deeply understand customer value: Uncover rich insights into your customers’ world and the emotions you aim to engage. Figure out what is key in changing your product to resonate deeply and hit the mark.
🔗 Merge emotion with engineering: Seamlessly bridge the gap between the customers’ world and the product engineering world. Understand where your current product’s tehchnical solutions do need resonate with your client’s emotions.
💡 Make the right innovation bets: Apply value and cost-based design principles to check that your product not only keep pace with current trends but also is on the right track to become profitable. 🧠 Foster team flexibility and agility: Align your team with a minimal framework to enhance their agility and decision-making skills by clarifying with them how they will contribute.

Photo of a product sprint

Topics covered

Depending on where you are in your product journey:

  • The “Job To Be Done”
  • The client “gemba”
  • The product “trade-off”
  • The customer key customer preferences, critical performance criteria and “wow effect”
  • Value engineering and target cost
  • Distinguishing between legacy and heritage technologies, and between fixed and flexible technologies
  • The product obeya
  • Macro planning and pull scheduling
  • Problem solving using PDCA

Sprint length: 5 days in person
Coaching duration: 1 hour per week during 8 weeks
Price: Upon request
Payment Options: possiblity to pay in 4 installments.
Available in: English, French

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